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Main Image does not update



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55 minutes ago, ThomasA1 said:

if the main image is deleted in the note it keeps apearing in the preview image of the note.

For me, at the moment, it does eventually go. You might need to click onto another search, tag or notebook or even close EN to make it happen. If it still persists a workaround is to duplicate or copy the note.

58 minutes ago, ThomasA1 said:

also it should be possible to choose the image wich is displayed

Agreed. It might be better to add your voice to this thread dating back to 2011 (so don't hold your breath!)


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duplicate note works - but this cannot the the solution - especially when the selected image is no longer available in the note.
Also Links to Notes will not work after duplicate. Bute Thanks - hope this will be fixed soon . 

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