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50% higher price

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Can you show me your protest when prices were kept flat ?

It was quite obvious that no new features are not a good deal in exchange for stable prices. Part of the raise is making up for no increase for several years before.

Beside this the question is about value vs. price. If it is out of balance, go watching for alternatives.

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Maybe someone needs to take personal notes for 100$ per year. I dont. I used it a lot because of a good web clipper but there are some good alternatives out there and "Collection" in MS Edge now has a search function.

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The collection in the browsers is fundamentally different to the web clipper.

The browser saves an URL. If the page is modified, the link will update as well. If it is deleted, or send behind a paywall, you have no longer access.

The web clipper produces a static copy of a page, holding the content from the moment of clipping. From that moment on you have a conserved version, no matter what happens to the source page later on.

This means using the browser function and using the web clipper describe 2 fundamentally different use cases. For research or building a safeguarded library of sites, only the web clipper (or similar) builds a private, protected stock of information.

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I got this notice too and decided to cancel. Obviously Evernote think they have the pricing power to raise the price by 50%, but they don't have that with me. I don't think it's worth it anymore, so I cancelled. Then, as I was cancelling, I got an offer that said "Wait! Don't go! We'll give you 40% discount if you stay!" so I took the offer. That small raise I'm fine with.

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9-5-23  I’m not thrilled about paying a lot more right now for Evernote. I’ve been a loyal customer for many many years -  over a decade – and this most recent series of software upgrades has been probably the worst performance I’ve seen with Evernote. 

- Slow slow slow to load at times 

- poor syncing between devices

- inability to capture photos as documents 

Try to fix some of these basic functionality things first before you “add features” or charge us more  

Sincerely, Mavog-23

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