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  1. Hi, I downloaded and it works. What a life safe for me. I have over 10.000 notes at work. Version from 6.8 to the last one are to slow. Its faster to go to paper managment than use the newest version of Evernote. With my boss we are looking for alternatives at the moment. We are testing OneNote but its not close to Evernote. It is interesting how good manage stacks. Evernote should have one more stack to add. Bytheway - at my friend office, they are already switch to OneNote. They canceled long time memberhip to Evernote. I just hope Evernote not getting worse.
  2. Whats going on with Evernote. At work I have more than 10.000 notes and the newest version is so slow that I must use paper documents. Evernote team, we are in 2018. Why every new version is more slower, have more bugs ... ? Do you need more money, more subscriptions to made product more unfunctionality. Bravo, you are getting from the best to the worst.
  3. Evernote is getting worse and worse. It cant sync with older version anymore. In newer versions working with pdf s..ks a a lot. I cant understand why newer version is worst then the older one.
  4. Hi Same problem here. I cant connect with Evernote account anymore. I have all my notes in it. Not working with Win 10 anymore. I cant find the solution. I think I am going to OneNote which I dont like it. But I hope it works better. I didnt knew that Evernote is such a *****.
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