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I'm being charged $80.00 for Evernote personal and yet no ability to chat or have support with my app

Stephen LeCompte


Personal should be free and yet I'm charge $80.00 and see on my account I do not have Professional.  Hate the new app change.   1. don't like the large font size different or layout.   None of the search comes up quickly or promptely.    And now on this new app I see no button to Sync my notes when I leave.   What a great app like Evernote you have ruined.   I don't even have the ability to email or call Evernote about this complaint.   

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15 minutes ago, Stephen LeCompte said:

Personal should be free

Why?  Evernote already has a very generous (I would even suggest too generous) free offering.

 You can contact Evernote through your phone app: Settings -> Support

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Or via the desktop at Support Ticket – Evernote Help & Learning

You can also send feedback to feedback@evernote.com although that's a one way process of suggesting development ideas.

The Real Time Editing and Sync process effectively makes a sync button redundant. But if you need it for some reason Ctrl+R in the desktop or Settings / Sync for mobile would be the way to go.

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