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Urgently need help from Evernote on a billing issue

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Apologies, I've put this post in the main forum because the billing subforum doesn't look like it's been touched for almost a year. If it is going to be answered in that forum no problem if Mods move the post but please don't delete.

I've been unable to renew my subscription because my card issuer is blocking the transaction. I've tried to re-upload my card details so they're fully up to date, but this doesn't go through after multiple attempts. My card provider has confirmed there is no block on my card or funds, but Evernote is not using 3D secure authentication on the transaction. Firstly I'm a bit shocked that a reputable company is not using secure authentication on my card. Secondly it's extremely difficult to get this resolved. I've raised a ticket but I wasn't able to have this routed directly to payments billing etc, so I'm dependent on someone on a help desk somewhere sifting through the tickets and dealing with this ahead of someone who is having trouble changing from Arial to Times New Roman. The payments team doesn't seem to be doing anything and you would think they would get some information as to why payment is failing.

Livechat is disabled because Evernote is apparently too busy. I'm not keen on spending my entire existence in a Kafkaesque netherworld of support email exchanges for something fairly important.

I have thousands of notes going back over a decade and depend on the information I've stored there for my work and livelihood. I don't feel like this is being treated with any priority. Any advice please?


For example if this is going to persist how do I export to OneNote using a Mac?

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