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Duplicate Created when doing a Link Back



After paying a bill online I used the evernote web clipper to save the paid bill to Evernote.

All notes go to a Notebook called INBOX.

I then moved the Note to from Inbox to a Notebook called 11 PINE NJ HOUSE

11 Pine NJ HOUSE notebook is a Subnotebook of PROJECTS.

In the Notebook called PROJECTS I have a NOTE called PAYMENTS RELEATED TO NJ HOUSE. This is a table to track payments, one of the columns is file location so I can add links to the PDF Receipts, screen shots or Back links to other notes.

When I created the entry for the latest payment and added the Back Link the system created a duplicate note of the Backed Linked Note. Location 1 is the original Notebook location I had moved the Note to (11 Pine House), the second location is the PROJECTS LOCATION which is where my PAYMENT Tracked Note is located.

This happened to me while using Evernote for Windows 10.60.4

Possible bug or I am using something incorrectly. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Notebook Structure.jpg

duplicate note location PROJECTS notebook.jpg

table showing bill link of PDF to onedrive and payment back link to note.jpg

duplicate note 11 PINE AVE notebook orignal location.jpg

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Perhaps there is just some confusion here...?

You mention "In the Notebook called PROJECTS I have a NOTE called PAYMENTS RELEATED TO NJ HOUSE"

Your screenshot shows that "01 📌 PROJECTS" is a Notebook Stack, not a notebook.

So when you click on the "01 📌 PROJECTS" Stack in the sidebar, it will show you all the notes for all the notebooks in that Stack in the note list. Then when you click on the "11 PINE NJ HOUSE" notebook, it will show you all the notes in that notebook. So you will see the same "PAYMENTS RELEATED TO NJ HOUSE" note in both the Stack list and the Notebook list.

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My impression is that you are probably experiencing some combination of client UI display bugs (you update a note, but the very same client app you are using continues to display as if the note hadn't been updated until some asynchronous thread wakes up and does its thing), and RTE/sync bugs. Both of these problems can cause notes to duplicate, be deleted, display improperly, or otherwise glitch. The only workaround I can offer is to go slow, check and re-check everything, while hoping that EN manages to resolve the bugs and improve the user experience.

Edit: My most recent example of what I'm calling client UI display bugs is, in EN for Win ver. 10.60.4 I'll change the title of a note, exit the software, re-open it, pull up a saved search that will include the note I just edited. In the search results, the note still displays with the old title; if I open that note it displays the correct, edited title, but if I close that note and wait up to 30 seconds the search results will still display the unedited title, eventually they refresh. 😠It drives me nuts waiting to see if my edits are really saved (sometimes this display glitch can be a sign that they didn't save) or waiting for the search results to update so I can feel confident moving on to the next edit, or if I should give up, give the client a few minutes of idle time so it can catch up 😠

As to the confusion about stacks vs. notebooks....getting old is certainly a part of it 😛 but Evernote's unpredictable UI changes, bizarre design "decisions" that seem like obvious bugs reclassified as features, and the acknowledged bugs themselves, can collectively induce a sort of user despair and 🧠 brain fog 🌫️, in which one overlooks simple, reasonably designed elements that haven't changed in a while such as the difference between notebooks and stacks. I don't think that failure to realize you'd selected a stack in your screenshot, rather than a notebook, explains much about the problems you documented.

Edited by John in Michigan USA
Fixed typos, added example of this type of bug and some more emoticons
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