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Sometimes you need to drop a good word: Android upload speed and sync to PC are faster

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I am using my phone to scan documents. The usual ceremony is to wait few minutes or hours for Evernote to remove its green sync symbol from the note in the phone. This was the situation for years.

Today it was cleared in less than a minutes. I see the scanned note on my PC also in a minute. Note counts still different (PC 6,666 vs Android 6,665). Don't know why note count is different but the latest notes are there.

Also, Evernote PC install file download speed are back and even faster.


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If on a subscription, you can check note count on the web client as well. This is the "official" count from the master copy on the server.

Making a full uninstall / reinstall (on PC and Mac using a 3rd party uninstaller) can probably solve it on the device that is counting differently.

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