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In Evernote Legacy for Mac I do not see an "export" option for notebook

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(Version 7.14.1 (458325 Direct) / Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e))

I'm trying to export all my data. For exporting Notebooks, I've tried the following:

  • Checked the menu
  • Checked the three dots near the tab
  • Right clicked on the notebook itself 

I've tried in the current version but it keeps failing, so I am trying to do it in Legacy as this is a known stable version, I believe. 

Thank you.




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You seem to be clicking in the left panel - try going to the Notebooks page and right click from there?  Don't know if this will help...Export notes and notebooks as ENEX or HTML - but do export one notebook at a time,  otherwise you'll have one pot of all your notes when they're re-imported.  Export doesn't preserve the notebook structure.

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  • 4 months later...

I also re-downloaded Legacy as I was having issues exporting with the current version, and I was able to export by notebook.



  • select all the notes within the notebook (I had around 10k).
    • go to your notebook
    • then to select all notes in the notebook, simply click any note, and then press 'ctrl + A'
  • Then, I go to File-> Export, and it begins exporting
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