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How to export all the PDF attachments from multiple notes in a single go

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I've been using Evernote to store my invoices for well over a decade now. I usually print my online invoices to PDF straight into Evernote & scan my paper invoices into it directly as well.

Evernote then creates a note for each PDF and I use the tagging extensively to manage the invoices.

Now I want to export all the PDFs relating to 2022 for my accountant. They are all tagged *2023* and *invoice*.

I can select all the notes, but then I can't find a suitable export option. I just want the PDFs to be placed into a folder somewhere..

All I can find is the export option that exports to emex or HTML neither of which are any good to my accountants.

Please tell me I am missing something, and I don't have to go through each note, select the pdf, then right click and do a "Save as".

I'd really appreciate some help!

Best regards,


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7 hours ago, Tearing my Hair out said:

All I can find is the export option that exports to emex or HTML neither of which are any good to my accountants.

There is no direct option. However if If you export as html you will get an html file and a folder in the same directory containing all the attachments. This will include the pdfs.

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Welcome to the forums, @mtts. Yes, regrettably the "Save all attachments" function that was present in v. 6 has not been included in v. 10. I miss it also. If you have multiple attachments, it is a one-at-a-time process.

However, in the instructions on exporting notes and notebooks, I see the following.


If exporting as a multi-page HTML file, you will receive an HTML file for each note, a single folder that contains all note resources (e.g., attachments, files), and an index that links all of the HTML files.

Thus it seems that you could export a note or notes with multiple attachments, or a notebook with many such notes, and have the attachments relatively accessible for putting where you want. I believe others here have actually done this (I haven't) and could comment further.

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