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Word count of selected text. (Feature available in MS Word )



In Evernote, in Note info we will have the word count of the Note.

But if we want to know number of words of particular topic within a note, it is not possible.

In MS Word, when we select a text (say selected 4 lines of text in a document ), then number of words selected will be displayed in left side bottom.

This feature is helpful, when we have to follow word limits.  We cannot create a new Note for every topic.

Within a note I have 10 - 12 topics, I cannot exceed 500 words for a topic. 

I request evernote to introduce this feature word count of selected text.

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This has been requested before, and most likely it will not be introduced.

We as other users can only think about reasons why it was not introduced: It is a feature for a narrow use case, it is a feature available in other apps, and introducing it would bloat the editor. This may be some of the reasons why it was never followed up.

On the Mac I use the PopClip menu bar helper.  It has several options, among them a character and word count. This works everywhere, not only in EN.

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