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(Archived) Lost my phones SD Card!


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I was at the movies and my phone dropped. The back case and battery fell out and I picked them back up and put it back together. Then hours later I used my navigation and asked me to install text to voice, which was odd. Then it wouldn't install, with errors to my sd card. I thought nothing of it until this morning as I tried to bring up my pictures and nothing was there. I took the backing of my phone off and my SD Card was gone.

So the issue at hand... Evernote syncs to my phone, but does it save on my SD Card and if it does, does it encrypt any of its files? I had a lot of passwords saved into evernote, so it is a big deal to me.

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I don't know if offline storage is available for Android. I think it may have recently been added. If so, I think it works the same way as the iPhone. You have to have a premium account & have to have specified the notebooks to be stored offline. IOW, I think you're probably safe, but can't say for sure.

However, this is a good lesson regarding security. There are a few threads including a lengthy thread regarding Evernote & security on both mobile devices & Evernote & desktop/laptop security. I would suggest everyone who stores sensitive info on their mobile devices and/or computer read through them b/c you never know when your phone and/or laptop may be lost or stolen.

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