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  1. had u tried any other version of this application???? i think u should try the other version.......
  2. from the picture I've seen that its a HTC Hero...try the new rom upgrade from htc website..may be they have fixed the bug....
  3. make your phone reset or hard reset then try again.or can upgrade ur rom version.......may be it'll solved..
  4. yap right..this problem also goes for me...can any suggestion, what to do???
  5. use create note paint 3.. its more reliable than other hand note application...
  6. Adding an image on EditText works fine. However, copying an image is another problem. When I insert an image on EditText by using ImageSpan it shows correctly, but I copy inserted image, EditText shows me only 'obj'.
  7. i dont so that photo can fit in screen..u can try application to make it...or upgrade the rom if possible....
  8. Voice Text can now be used from any Android app. (You can probably figure most of this out by clicking around, but be sure to read this first section.) How to allow Voice Text as an input method (like the soft keyboard): 1. Make sure you have at least version 2.0. Go to Voice Text -> Settings -> About 2. Go to your phone settings. Hit Home -> Menu -> Settings 3. Touch "Locale & text" ("Language and Keyboard" on the Droid) in the main phone settings 4. Check "Voice Text." A warning will come up about possibly enabling a key logger this way (Voice Text is not a key logger). You won't need to uncheck this every time you want to switch input methods. See the next section. How to change the current input method: 1. Go into any Android app that has text input (Browser, Gmail, Messaging, ChompSMS, Astrid, Ak Notepad etc). 2. Long press (that is, touch and hold) on a text box. A popup should come up that says, "Input Method." Click on it. 3. Choose Voice Text from the menu. Set it back to "Android Keyboard" anytime to use the soft keyboard again. Taking a dictation from another app (These steps have changed in the newest version. If you do not have version 2.2 or greater, please go to the market and upgrade.): 1. Go into the app where you want the text to appear (Gmail, Messaging, etc.) 2. Touch any text box. 3. Push "Start" in the menu that pops up at the bottom (if it doesn't, check that you've followed the instructions above correctly). 4. Speak when the prompt says, "Speak now." 5. Push the text box again. The Start button will now have your dictation on it. Push the dictation if it's correct, or the revert button to the left to clear it. 6. That's it! You can continue to use the other app as you normally would, stopping to dictate as you like.
  9. r u using the the full version??..beta or trial version may do the problem......
  10. i heard that some kind android application found like memory card password...at least u could use this..
  11. u can try UC browser to copy a source link...it helps you to return to the page....
  12. try to install it in a phone memory...sd card may problem to run the software...after this, if its not appearing then reinstall it and make a reboot...
  13. U can go there website...the link has posted below,,follow the instruction as well.... http://www.evernote.com/about/getting_started/#1
  14. which hand set you are using ?? had you tried player software any??...im using poweramp..u can get this file https://market.android.com/details?id=c ... rch_result
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