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(Archived) EN clipping tool doesn't work in Chrome



I've been doing a lot of clipping in EN on my iMac at home lately, and I found that the option to clip a user defined box doesn't work in Chrome. The crosshairs appear, but I can't drag them wherever I want in the browser to select just the area I want to clip. It won't let me drag the crosshairs to the left hardly at all. Since the crosshairs appear near the right edge of the browser window, this isn't useful at all. I've had to switch back to FF when I'm doing any clipping. Is this a known bug? Is there a target date for the fix?

Using current versions of EN, OSX, and Chrome (no betas).


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I don't think you want to use the crosshairs to clip from a web browser, since that's just taking a "screen shot" of that part of the screen. You'd either want to:

1) Select the part of the page within Chrome using standard Chrome text selection, and then use Cmd-C to copy that to the clipboard and Ctrl-Cmd-V to paste that into a new note in Evernote.


2) Install our built-in Chrome clipper to clip to your account on the web: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/de ... nefbikjilc

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