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  1. Also keyboard shortcuts aren't working globally anymore. Which is huge minus. I am paying customer and I am quite certain that there are many people out there who migrated to Lion as well. Full Screen support and working global keyboard shortcuts, apart from Clipper are certainly urgent steps to take, as more people migrate to Lion
  2. How to make sure that next time when I sync my Evernote, the database from the servers get downloaded instead of uploading the database from my client? The deal is that I moved all my notes into Inbox, instead of small portion. So that would be a huge download upload hassle. I was trying deleting and installing Evernote again, but it keeps the old user information. Is there any way that I can dump the database and how?
  3. There are still bugs regarding keyboard shortcuts. Somebody already stated this on the other part of the forum in discussion regarding Lion, which is out now, for a week already. Maybe this targets a small segment of your market, but I am a paying member of that market. Eagerly await for the fix, so I can continue using my favorite service as usual! Thanks in advance!
  4. No, it's not working what I tell him to... You can't "Screenshot" flash objects.
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