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Recover Quick Note After Upgrading

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Hope someone can help. I just upgraded to Evernote 10.58.5 on macOS 12.6.3, and my Quick Note (in elephant menu) is blank now. How can I recover it? And/or was it converted into a regular note? Wish there was a warning about it before upgrading. Thanks a lot!

EDIT: And/or, where is Quick Note data stored? Maybe I can roll that (or the entire app) back from a backup?

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The quick note is only on temporary storage, sort of an integrated clipboard. The way to protect its content is to convert it into a note.

I am not aware it is saved anywhere.

About an update warning: How many warnings would you expect to be added for updating ? When I update a program while working in it, I first make sure everything is saved and probably closed before I hit that button.

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Thanks for the reply.

The Quick Note, at least in the prior version, is definitely saved as it persists after closing the app and restarting the computer.

As for how many warnings, I would expect one, which said that a Quick Note, unlike the rest of the data, will not be transferred to the new version. As far as I knew, everything was saved and closed before I updated.

As I mentioned, I have a backup, so rolling back the update might be a solution if there are instructions somewhere how to do that.

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The content of the EN helper quick note does survive when you quit the app, and reopen it later.

It may or may not survive an update. There is the option to convert the content to a note with one click, and being an informed user, I would probably do this if there is anything valuable there, before I update.

There is note history. But note history is only for notes (not for jotted down content that was not converted into a note), and it is a subscribers feature. I doubt there is anything to recover there.

If you think we should get yet another message box standing in our way to work efficiently, contact support.

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In case it's helpful for someone else, old quick notes are located on a Mac at:

/Users/[username]/Library/Group Containers/[...].com.evernote.Evernote/Evernote/quick-note/[...]-personal-www.evernote.com/quick-note-[...]/quick-note-preserved.obj

You can also search for "quick-note-preserved.obj".

It's an XML (text) file which can be opened with any text editor. Scroll down and you'll see the contents of the note.

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I've bumped into the same issue after upgrading from legacy and followed the proposed solution to no avail. My .obj file isn't an XML one but a properties list one which doesn't contain any strings resembling my notes.

Are there other possible locations for my legacy notes you're aware of?

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