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file:// URL stopped working for directories on (at least) macOS

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Making a file:// url to a directory has stopped working (meaning existing links that worked have ceased working).

One can create them with highlighting text, using ⌘+K, and entering in the file://  URL such as file:///Users/user/Documents .  It has previously brought up finder open to the Documents folder and now asks for permission to open the application "/Users/user/Documents".  One can still use these URLs to point to a specific file.

Ticket filed with support.

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Reported elsewhere too...

Wait:  I was today years old and I just learned - I can create links in Evernote to local folders??? <sigh>

As you say, this still works manually in Windows - the link being converted to file:///C:/etc - but with the caveat that there's (now?) an 'are you sure?' pop-up along the way.

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