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Subscribed for another year but still can't use Evernote

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I was forced to upgrade due to the device limit and I paid for the subscription and paid up till June 2024 but I still keep getting the message that I need to upgrade. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on both my iPhone and iPad which are both up-to-date and software, and also on the website through my PC, but still the same problem, I get a message that I need to upgrade even though I paid for it ready.  When I login online  it says that my last payment was May 2022, made the payment yesterday.  Any ideas?


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Hi. Looks like you paid Evernote direct,  which should mean you get access within an hour or two - but I don't understand that comment "cancel trial";  you may have had a discount to subscribe,  but did it include some kind of free trial period before any payment is actually made?  Have you checked your bank account to make sure the payment has been taken?  If in doubt - contact Support.

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