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Cant open desktop app

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i havent been able to open desktop app for about a week now. everytime i open it it just says evernote is having issues. I am able to work off the web app but just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues like this

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@Asantana This is most lkely something specific to your personal setup -- either computer and/or network and/or account related -- as there have been no widespread outages with Evernote and as it works for you on the web. 

The root cause could depend on many factors. Free user? Maybe you've exceeded your two alloted devices.

Using an app store version for MacOS or Windows? You could remove that and then try the direct download approach.

You can search these forums for tools to completely wipe Evernote from your machine (not just the regular uninstall) and reload from scratch as a last resort. Or perhaps something in one of those threads will be applicable to your situation:

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On windows I have very ocassionally had a similar experience. My approach was to open the task manger and delete all the running EN processes. Of course rebooting would have the same effect. 

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