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Tab names on Edge/Chrome


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I often access EN through a web client (edge/chrome) and open several tabs with different notes. 

I noticed that often the tab is renamed with the note title, which is helpful to keep the overview.

However the renaming of the tab is not consistent, it may be the folder name, the note title or even no renaming. 

Does anybody understand the logic behind? How can I make sure that the tab name reflects the EN note title or at least the EN folder name?

In case I am unclear with my question I may include a screen shot .

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3 hours ago, ghon said:

Does anybody understand the logic behind?

My understanding is the following:

If you are in a notebook it will display the notebook name

If you are in "Notes" it says notes

If you have done a search it says "search results"

If you maximise the note display area using the "expand note" at the top left of the note area it will display the note name if you are doing it from a notebook but still displays "search results" if you do it from a search

If you get the note view without the note list (e.g. from a shortcut) it always displays the note name.

My main annoyance is that I normally have this forum open and the forum and EN web use exactly the same green elephant icon!


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  • Evernote Expert

I don't think that Evernote has gone about methodically organising the naming of the tabs for the web interface. Rather the browser is extracting a label from the web page meta data.

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Since I mostly access the notes through tags unfortunately "search results" appears as tag name which is not helpful.

I will submit this topic as a feedback to EN, maybe EN will look into that methodically at sometime in the future.


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