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Convert a task to a note



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10 hours ago, RLion said:

I like to have te ability to create a taks and later on convert it to a note. For example if the task has reference material that you want to have together.

Any task is automatically part of a note. They do not exist in isolation. If you want to convert the text of a task into ordinary text in the body of the note you can select it, paste it into a text editor (or a EN code box) to remove all the other stuff and then copy and paste the terxt into a note.

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O yeah, a wasn’t aware of this. This gives some possibilities. Still I think a feature to easily convert a task out of the default task note and to a separate note can be helpful. For example if you do a brain dump and later on want to organise thinks in the associated notebooks

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You can move any task to a different note. This is how to do it on the mobile client.

Tap on the task. In the Toolbar tap on the 3 dots. On the next screen the note holding the task is down the list of information, at the end.

Tap on the arrow behind the notes title, from the little menu select „Move task“. Search the note to which you want the task to be moved.

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