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Add tooltip with Shortcut info to Format Bar buttons

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My apologies--I didn't read carefully enough. Yes, I agree, having those reminders is helpful. Strikethrough is one that always gets me -- Ctrl+T? Ctrl+\? I actually made a note with all the shortcuts, but that was for v. 6 and needs updating. Updated, I could keep the relevant bit of it open in a separate window during some intense editing. Not as good has having it in the tooltips though. I've voted the suggestion up.

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3 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Actually, I do see that, in the v. 10 Windows app and Web client.

Evernote toolbar tooltip_cr.jpg

Thanks, Dave. A tooltip appears, but it doesn't include the shortcut reminder (Ctrl+M).

I find the reminders immensely useful and use them all the time because I have to work between different text editors, all with different shortcuts, and I sometimes have to refresh my memory for the current editor. Hovering for the reminder in v6 was quick and user-friendly, as opposed to the v10 alternative: Help > Keyboard shortcuts > scroll down...down...down to Text Formatting > Read shortcut for Indent

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