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Android not auto-syncing / Event time oddity



I have two different things going on:

1. I tend to do a lot on my Windows 11 laptop when I can, due to bigger screen size and an actual keyboard, but I do also have the Android app set up on my phone and tablet (both Samsung, both on Android 12).  I have confirmed all devices are up-to-date on OS and app updates. Neither Android device will sync on its own, requiring manual sync. This can be inconvenient if I'm about to leave home with the tablet (WiFi only) and neglect to do the sync. As absent-minded as I can be, auto-syncing would make my life MUCH easier.

2. I have an appointment at 1:45pm on the 20th. I entered this in Google Calendar, which is linked to my Evernote account. The appointment showed up in Evernote's calendar, at 5:45am. I know Google has me correctly set for Pacific time, I cannot find where to verify that Evernote has me in the correct time zone.

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The mobile clients do auto sync. If yours doesn’t, something is wrong. If on a subscription, contact support from the very client where you experience the problem. From mobile clients an activity log will be attached.

The same about the time zone. It will usually pick up the time zone from the settings of the device on which the client is running. There is no setting in EN itself. If it picks the time wrong, it is again a Ustinov to be discussed with support. I am not aware of other posts in the forum with this problem, which means it is likely an individual problem with your device or app installation.

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With EN all devices sync to the cloud server, and receive the changes made on other devices from there.

Personally I run EN on several Macs and iOS devices, and they all sync automatically between the EN clients installed, always through the server. When I use one device and make changes, they show up on the other devices typically in between 30 seconds and a few minutes max. Most of the times it will happen within of a minute, or less.

There is one difference between desktop and mobile clients. On desktop syncing is continuous, it happens while editing a note, without a need for any action by myself. On mobile a note stays in editing mode until I hit the green checkmark at the top of the editing window. When I hit the checkmark, the note is saved in the client, on my mobile device.

The changes have not yet been synced to the server. Unsynced notes carry a green triangle in the notes list. They will sync eventually within a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes. Once they have synced , the green triangle will disappear. On mobile a sync can be promoted by pulling the notes list down a little, and let go. Or force a sync through the synchronize now option in the app settings. But usually a little patience will do.

Just don’t close the app before the sync has happened - then the notes will stay unsynced until the next time you open it.

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22 hours ago, Seanette said:

Neither Android device will sync on its own, requiring manual sync.

What do you mean by "manual"?

When PinkElephant is saying that it syncs automatically, they still have to (manually) open the app and wait for everything to download and sync up.

It won't sync unless you open the app and wait for a bit. I think that is what you are meaning by 'manual' and what Pink is meaning by 'automatic'.

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6 minutes ago, Seanette said:

No, I mean when I open the app, I have to dig into Settings and hit Sync Now. It does not sync itself on opening the app.

Have you tried opening the app and waiting a few seconds for things to sync up? Sometimes it can take a few seconds (up to 20 in my own personal experience) before it noticeably starts syncing on mobile.

If it's *not* auto-syncing like that, it is definitely supposed to be auto-syncing like that and I'd say something is wrong.

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