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Write Protection for selected notes



hello - it would be helpful - if a note could be made read-only... is this feasible and executable? I wrote a more detailed description and a paper about it - but it is easier to understand in German ;) the longer version, so to speak. Translation with Google ...

Direct translation into English
The note write protection for selected notes. --- A notice: The following text mainly refers to the Evernote desktop program for Windows 11. The note is the expanded version of the forum post. Lots of text. Little content😛 The content is simply written in more detail in the text here. --- In Evernote, I not only work with the notes and tasks - but also with documents - I even create simple documents there without a lot of distraction options with and in the note. Be focused on the essentials. No distraction from too many design options in text work. I could go to another program ... and write and compose and write texts there ... But the programs don't have what Evernote has. The synchronization and the "note management with structure" - that's great and clear. - Focus on the essentials - Note management with the plus - Overview thanks to structure In addition to notes that are only intended for me, Evernote has also become a "simple" document workplace for me. A lot accumulates over time. Some might go. Some come away. And others should go. But when "copying / cutting / pasting" or the merging and editing of individual, specific texts such as blogs that are supposed to lead to other notes and to specific notebooks with links... ... the chaos is usually automatically included in the program 😉 Annotated 1: With the synchronization and "processing of notes from other devices" (from mobile phones, tablets), there is also no guarantee of success without chaos in the program. Annotated 2: Errors of all kinds are of course fixed and quickly unnoticed in Evernote, depending on the content and importance. Reading and checking the document / note with content before publishing is of course also an advantage here.😛 --- But of course there are solutions to my problem: The note write protection. Protection against unwanted changes when write protection is active in the selected note. 😛 --- Intended for the community and the Elephant Factory Evernote.

Link to German Blog Version:




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Write protection has been requested since a long time, in several threads.

As usual EN will not comment at future features.

Currently there is note history, which is running on all accounts, storing older versions of the same note. View and restore from note history is a subscribers feature.

In addition in the mobile clients a general edit protection can be set. You need a double tap then to switch into editing mode.

Personally I use EN since years now, and never had the need to have something like write protection for notes. If I ever had a reason to go back after editing (which happened rarely), note history was all I needed.

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