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Exporting Evernote notes as PDFs

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Hi everyone

I have about 3000 Evernote notes with PDF and Word etc attachments to them. 

I need to export all of it to the Finder on my Mac in an easy and fast way.

Does anyone know how to this best? I'm on the free tier plan.

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Thank you for your help. I’m mainly interested in the attachments in pdf format, or whatever format they were originally imported into Evernote as. Some notes would also hold information that I would be interested in as pdfs. 

What is the exact steps inside the Evernote app to take to export them as such?

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Don't forget also that it's possible to:

  1. print notes to PDF - up to 50 at a time in v10;  more in Legacy,  and 
  2. export attachments from selected notes (with the same version limits) in their original file format
  3. publish notebooks as a private blog with freemium http://postach.io/ (password protecting the blog is available as a paid feature)

-I appreciate the last isn't exactly what was asked for,  but it is a way to view the contents of a notebook easily without having to open the Evernote app - and the content is fully searchable via internal tags and links.

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