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Duplicates all over

Manuel Herrjea


Hi! I've been using Evernote extensively almost daily for around 10 years already and i'm still loving it immensely, but there is an issue i'm constantly facing and i'd like to know a little more about it.
With most of my notes, it comes a point where duplicates just start invading the list. Just yesterday, i created a new note and kept adding things to it every couple hours or minutes and by the end of the day i already had four copies of it, out of the blue.
And i have two main question about it.
First, is this a known bug? Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way for me to prevent it? Because of this issue, i always, always close the app in my phone or my laptop if im going to open it in the other device, even if it's just for reading and not editing, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
And secondly, is there a way to compare two notes to see the differences? I'm okay if this is not currently fixable, but i would like to have at least a way to check the duplicates in a soothing way. Right now it's way too time and energy consuming going to one note and its duplicates checking everything that's written, very carefully, scrolling down and reading slowly and changing note and scrolling again and hoping i remember well what i just saw in the other note and so on. And if the note is not super small, it becomes quite a big investment, just in order to keep the note list clean, and in case i have important info separate into the different duplicates.
I've seen in your website that there is supposed to be a List view mode, which could help, but i'm not able to find how to activate it, neither inside Evernote itself or through an online guide.
I've been using in on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and at least for me it seems to happen the same way in all my devices.
xddd just a second ago as i'm writing this text in Evernote three copies of this very note have been automatically created in front of my eyes, while i'm using this in only one device. 8am (Spain time) if it helps.
If you need more feedback on this i'll be very happy to be contacted. Thank you for your time and hope this info is useful to you!
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Hello Manuel, and good evening. This is not behaviour I have experienced, and it certainly doesn't seem like it's helping you to be productive, so we do need to sort it out. You may want to consider raising a support ticket https://evernote.com/contact, remembering that THIS is a peer to peer forum. Failing that, I would be happy to set up a screenshare session with you to try figure it out, if you have time. I'm on London time. Perhaps DM me through here if that is something you'd like to pursue

Thanks and good evening, Neil 




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On 11/5/2022 at 1:21 AM, Manuel Herrjea said:

First, is this a known bug?

Yes. There are many threads in this discussion forum that talk about this. Here are just a few of them.

On 11/5/2022 at 1:21 AM, Manuel Herrjea said:

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way for me to prevent it?

The most common time that this will happen is if you are editing the same note on a different device at the same time. It's also happened to me if I have the same note open in a new window. But it has also happened when I've just barely created a note on one device with it not open any where else.

On 11/5/2022 at 1:21 AM, Manuel Herrjea said:

And secondly, is there a way to compare two notes to see the differences?

No - none other than manually comparing the two notes. You can open the two different notes in a new window and place them over the top of each other and toggle back and forth between the windows (using keyboard shortcuts), but it's all a manual process.

You could also copy and paste the content of each note into a "diff" tool -- but that requires an external application.

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I’ve not seen EN to be in the business of hearing complaints and doing anything about it. I think they have a 14 year old programmer who has the munchies. I am spending so much time in the past week deleting 3-4 duplicates of any note I touch. Every few minutes it’ll duplicate for no reason.no other instances of EN open on any other devices. But I am not expecting any solutions anytime soon from EN as I think they forgot they have existing clients… but certainly want to have pop up’s asking me to pay for more coffee for their employees. 

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