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I am not sure if there is a solution. I rely on Evernote quite heavily and I am worried about security.

I can use two factor authentication but that's going to be a pain if every time I use my account, I have to get a security code.

Is it possible that only approved devices can access the account and if a new device is added, then only will that require two factor authentication.



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Don't take this as official or anything, but it seems like I only need to put in a two factor code every 30 days for the web (or that might just be to access account/billing info -- I'm not sure). I've needed to put in a two factor identification just one time on my Mac in two years that I can remember and never on my iOS and iPadOS device after the first time. I don't recall the last time I put it for my Windows Desktop or another Mac that I have either.

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You are asked when you log in whether in the future to trust the device you have been using with the 2FA code. If you accept that from this device access is OK, it will not ask you again.

Or in security-terms: You first use "knowledge" as second factor (the correct code), and then replace it by "possession" (the device). It is still 2FA, but the 2nd factor is not asked because the device is declared sufficient for access. Because devices can be stolen, in my opinion possession is a weaker twist of 2FA than knowledge (an ever changing code).

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