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Multitasking on iOS

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Hello there! Wondering if anybody has had any trouble with using Evernote in multitask split screen on iOS. I have used it quite a bit but one issue I find is that oftentimes when I switch between apps the Evernote note reloads and sometimes it even takes me back to a list of notes. It is a bit tedious every time I have to click to edit the note and scroll to the place, etc. any idea how to turn off this continual refreshing? 


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EN is not designed to support split screen action on iPads. You can open a single EN instance, but you may have noticed you can't open 2 at the same time.

When you open it in split screen, it probably still thinks it is the active app when it is clicked, and thought it is moved to the background when you swap to the other app open. When you come back to the EN session, it believes you just started the app from the background, and behaves accordingly: It refreshes the own memory from the cloud server and does other things. 

To have undisturbed multitasking, you need to use an installed client on a desktop computer (Win/Mac). The mobile client is (yet ?) not up to it.

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