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Notes cursor location is lost when moving from note to note



I have been using Evernote for more that a few years and am very happy with the product. One of my biggest issues was being able to use Grammarly and that is working now. Thanks to whoever is responsible.

My request is what I consider an issue and in fact was one of the primary reasons I used MS OneNote for and that is when I was going from note to note or back and forth from the internet I lose the cursor location of a note I am active in. Kind of hard to explain, but let me try.

step one - I have a note open and actively updating and it is a long note, and I am over 50% down into the note making changes

step two - I go to another note or the web to get info to past into the note at the point of my cursor.

step three - I return to my note from step one and now I am at the top of the note and have to find my location again

That is it in a nutshell and a feature I loved in OneNote, but overall Evernote is better in my opinion for what I am doing.

I request an enhancement to add this feature to maintain cursor point when moving from one note to the other.


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Hi. Thanks for your observations...

I just followed your steps to reproduce. Thanks for making it clear how to follow along with your method.

I took the steps you suggested and at step three I returned to Evernote and the cursor was where I had left it. I was able to immediately paste what I had copied to the clipboard in the location in the note.

Which version of Evernote do you use and on which operating system.  Also, do you use the version downloaded directly from Evernote or the version from the application stores from Microsoft or Apple?

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