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  1. I totally agree and have to do the same thing. Very frustrating.
  2. Thanks. I understand using the clipboard by I am switching between 3 or 4 windows at the same time and the clipboard is constantly changing. When i go back to a note, losing the highlight justs makes me have to do it again. In OneNote the highlight stayed. I thank you for taking the time to respond. In the end, I believe EN gives better features from what I can see (I am new) than OneNote but I am still learning. My goal is efficiency for rapid posting on other sites and others may not need the same. I don't have development skills to speak of so I just find ways to make things work. t
  3. I have just joined Evernote because of issues with OneNote and love the product so far. Two items missing that I had in OneNote make life a lot easier in my opinion and I request the following ideas: 1. In OneNote I could click on the frame and everything in the window would be highlighted with one click. See attached example. In Evernote I have to highlight by clicking at the top and scrolling to the bottom for the same highlight. I am always copying between windows and this would make it a lot more efficient. 2. In OneNote if I highlighted an item in a note and move on to ano
  4. Definitely needed. It would be such a benefit.
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