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  1. This pic is from today (7 Jul, 7:48 AM). The notes in this pic were created yesterday morning but the updated and created times are not correct. How do I fix this? I depend on these fields. Tks for the help.
  2. I used to be able to copy a part of an article on the web, and the URL would be in Evernote when I pasted the data. A great feature. This doesn't seem to work in new version or I am missing where the URL moved to. This is concerning because it was a major feature I used. I can still copy and paste but where or where did the URL go. I hope I don't have to manually do this. tks for the assistance.
  3. I totally agree and have to do the same thing. Very frustrating.
  4. Thanks. I understand using the clipboard by I am switching between 3 or 4 windows at the same time and the clipboard is constantly changing. When i go back to a note, losing the highlight justs makes me have to do it again. In OneNote the highlight stayed. I thank you for taking the time to respond. In the end, I believe EN gives better features from what I can see (I am new) than OneNote but I am still learning. My goal is efficiency for rapid posting on other sites and others may not need the same. I don't have development skills to speak of so I just find ways to make things work. tks
  5. I have just joined Evernote because of issues with OneNote and love the product so far. Two items missing that I had in OneNote make life a lot easier in my opinion and I request the following ideas: 1. In OneNote I could click on the frame and everything in the window would be highlighted with one click. See attached example. In Evernote I have to highlight by clicking at the top and scrolling to the bottom for the same highlight. I am always copying between windows and this would make it a lot more efficient. 2. In OneNote if I highlighted an item in a note and move on to another note the highlight would stay. So, when I go back to the original window I didn't have to re-highlight the item. In Evernote the highlight seems to be removed when working between windows and I always have to re highlight. I post a footer on many Notes and make a note with the footer information in a Notebook and as I create Notes I go back to the footer noter to copy and then paste to my new post. Let me know if I need to explain this further. One last item similar to #2. When I switch between notes my location of the previous not is lost and always starts at the beginning. I am always posting limited material from one note to the other and losing my location makes it tedious to always scroll down to the next item to copy. OneNote keeps the location which is a nice feature. I am new, love the product and providing ideas.
  6. Definitely needed. It would be such a benefit.
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