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Hide "@Notebook"



Hi Evernote!

This should be some thing for Evernote to look at.

Hide "@Notebook" from the email titel when sendin a email. When I send it to my self it dos not matter but when I send the email to any one else it matters.




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OK, let’s do a probability check.

Sending emails to yourself is a subscribers feature, so at least 80% of all users won’t join the discussion lacking applicability. Many of the probable users will not use it in fact. Of those using it most avoid sending emails to others and the EN account, because a) it shows their secret EN forwarding address (hint: Use BCC) and b) it makes little sense to conserve conversations there - the place for this is your email account. They mail in when they want to save something that is otherwise closed, sealed and finished.

Of the small group (I assume it is smallish) left most give a ***** if others wonder what this „@anything“ ***** means (and avoid to give notebooks funny, childish or insulting names), which leaves a tiny group of upright EN lovers who would kill to get this darely missing feature.

This means you can start counting the days … weeks … months …. years until this will make it to the backlog. Meanwhile send mails to your EN account in separate, and only then add the notebook (and/or tag and/or reminders) designator.

To wrap it up: Don’t take anything I say by the word - but the chance of seeing this implemented ever is zero. You have an individual problem created by your own use of a function in EN - solve it by changing your way of doing mail forwarding.

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7 hours ago, Kjellz said:

Hide "@Notebook" from the email titel when sendin a email.

I don't understand what you are suggesting here. How would Evernote have any control over your email so that it could hide the @Notebook when it goes to another recipient.

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