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Can we get a sync button?



I have Mac computers and Android phones. I use Evernote on both. I seem to always have the problem of ending up with two notes, one partially done and the other fully done. If there was a sync button, I could just use it after every entry on my android phone or computer. Because the automatic syncing does not work very well. It's not my wifi or my cell signal, I stay on top of those things. I've also tested this numerous times. Just a suggestion, because it looks like, from the comments, there is a real syncing problem going on, not just for me. Thanks!

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If you check the forum, syncing button requests fill quite some space.

The solutions are there either, here only briefly mentioned:

On mobile pull down the notes list a little, and let go. Or use the syncing option in the app settings.

On desktop use ctrl / cmd - R for a Reload.

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PinkElephant is not just seeing double....sorry, couldn't resist 😁

Indeed I too have seen multiple requests for a more simplified syncing procedure.  I have also screamed into the void "bring back the sync button!"

Given the apparent popularity of this request, here's hoping the development team will actually listen to its user base.


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