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Best way to use EN with employees?

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I currently have a personal account on EN which more than satisfies what I need to get done.  I also share a notebook with another employee who uses the free version of EN from a different computer.  Whenever I find something that may be helpful for her to review I stick it into her notebook so she can see it.   I'm thinking of upgrading my account to EN Professional which would allow me to also assign tasks to her.  However, do I need to upgrade her account to Professional as well, or only mine?  I may want to eventually assign tasks with more than one employee but may not want to purchase individual professional accounts for all of them.  Currently my working arrangement is very simple because the employee that I share with does not have access to all my personal notes in EN but only to the notebook that we share.  I would prefer to have that limitation in place no matter what future changes I make to the accounts.

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As long as it is as you describe, one Professional account for yourself, and Free accounts for the others will do. Keep in mind the restrictions of the Free account (only 2 devices, max. 25MB for a note and 60MB upload per month). On shared notes, AFAIK they „live“ off your much larger limit.

When real collaboration becomes relevant: EN Teams Account. It allows to control who has access to which information, and makes sure the company data stays when an employee leaves.

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