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Confusions on shared notebook

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I do a lot of shared notebooks with my clients. When it comes to tagging, the things get a bit gray to me. What is the tagging rules on shared notebooks? It seems the tags I created cannot be applied by my clients? It can be applied only from my side if I created that tag from my side?

Here is the weird one I never experienced before.

  1. Went to the client house
  2. Opened her Evernote logged in as her
  3. I created a new notebook on her desktop app
  4. I created a new tag on her desktop app

But it won't let me apply that tag (auto fill not working) to a new note that created on her desktop app. This was a head scratcher since I had never seen this one.

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In a shared notebook only tags that were created by its owner can be applied.

A useful method is to start the notebook with a first note that carries all tags that shall be used in that notebook. Because same named tags can cause problems, you can start all tags with an identifier, like a $ for $hared. This will make them stand out in tag selection.

When new tags are needed, add them as the owner to that initial note. Anybody who wants to learn which tags are available can go there and look them up.

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Thank you @PinkElephant for your response.

This is a tough one. I set up shared notebook for them but if they can't create/attach their own tags, I have to keep attending them. Is there any way to transfer the ownership of the notebook so they can go on their own?

I am somewhat puzzled by this limitation.

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No, the owner can't be changed through sharing.

The limitation makes sense - the tags applied to a shared notebook show up in your tagging system. If not limited, the recipients of a share could (unadvertedly) modify and finally corrupt your tagging setup.

The only thing a recipient can do is duplicate the notes (if enabled), and move these duplicates to his own notebook.

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