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Evernote takes too long to sync. Sometimes create duplicate or multiple notes with missing/partial data

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I'm really suffering from the synchronisation issue of evernote. In every device. Web, mobile, ipad, macbook. All the same. 

Looking for suggestions to solve these issues.

Firstly, it takes too long, even after click sync now manually. Which, btw is super difficult because you need to go out of your note > go to settings > sync > and then click sync now! 
What happened to the manual sync notes? 

Secondly, I started a sketch note today on my iPad, the sketch was okay but when I clicked done, it kept on spinning and spinning and then finally, i closed the app from the app tray and reopened it again. Then I was not able to find it in the notes section on my ipad. 
After some time, it was visible on my laptop and after restarting the app on the ipad, it had created the sketch with an empty title!

Sometimes the note goes fully blank and the loader keeps spinning.

Thirdly, it is not smooth. The UI was beautiful from the beginning. I don't know why the CEO keeps on saying they are improving the UI. But then comes tasks, recurring tasks and all the other things.

But why? Specially when you are having problem synchronising notes from multiple devices! It is really painful and frustrating to be honest! 

Also, why is the create new task button has such a colour? The whole evernote is green, white and black and then you suddenly see the solid purple button! Evernote should have themes or customisations. Like bear.app . 

Also, shortcut for creating a tag is ctrl + options + cmd + t while creating a task is cmd + t ! why? Why is evernote so focused on this tasks feature while the basic note taking features are so hard to use! 


Fourthly, why can't we have a default font for all notes? It defaults backs to sans serif I believe? And also, why so limited number of fonts? 

Fifthly, why doesn't evernote has customisation keyboard shortcuts? Some of them aren't even (re)-assignable! 

I've been using evernote from 2017 I recall. I have used some other note takings apps for a while. Its difficult to keep using evernote with all these blocking factors. 



  1. Iphone 11
  2. Macbook Air M1
  3. Macbook Pro M1 pro
  4. iPad Pro 11 inch


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Hi.  Here's an answer to your main question that I prepared earlier...

Some Evernote users seem to have issues connected with syncing,  duplicate notes,  missing data or switching between multiple devices.  

Note that not all users have these issues,  and in part some can be due to unreliable network connections, conflicts with VPN and antivirus apps,  and users not understanding how the system works and adopting bad processing methods.

If you’ve done some basic troubleshooting and still find you have issues,  the best bet for subscribers is to contact Evernote Support.  Get a ticket number and let them suggest what might help to improve your experience.  There’s a major review of syncing systems in progress now,  and your experiences may help improve that for everyone in the future.

Just to recap for anyone new- 

  1. ‘Sync’ very broadly means copying any changes to the content of your local notes from the device in use to Evernote’s server,  which keeps the parent’ reference copy of all notes in your account.
  2. In the same process any changes made by other devices that were already sent to the server will be downloaded from there so that you have an up to date local copy of any note being processed.  There is no direct connection between devices.
  3. Sync is now an automatic operation carried out by the app when it has spare resources to do so.
  4. If you have Evernote active on more than one device at the same time,  syncs will be happening to and from all devices in random order.. So changes you have just made to a note could be overwritten by an ‘update’ from another device which still has the older version open.
  5. Syncing happens over a period on mobile devices so as not to hog the bandwidth available - unless you use a manual sync from the settings menu.  Even so the process takes a finite time - it isn’t ‘instant’.
  6. Given the above you may understand that drafting a note on one device and switching to another to continue is not a great idea.  This is not a ‘fault’ or a bug - it’s an inherent design constraint for which there is (at the moment) no cure.
  7. Evernote are currently working on ways to improve the experience here - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/142459-will-sync-ever-work-properly/#comment-659392 
  8. But until any changes come into effect,  all you can do is work cautiously and check to ensure that previous changes have been synced fully before continuing to work on a note.
  9. Evernote does have some help pages that might assist if you’re having issues - start here:  How does sync work within Evernote?

All of this has been dealt with in the Forums before,  as well as your other issues on colour, fonts and customisation.  On those I'd say briefly that the new Evernote version 10 is gradually being extended to include flexibility in many areas - you'd have to talk to Evernote (which is not us - we're mainly users here) via the Support team or the feedback option in most clients.  Please search the Forums for more...

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