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Evernote app compatible with e-ink tablets (most importantly Ratta SuperNote)



I have a SuperNote A5X and it looks like a device made by Evernote from an alternate dimension where they chose a slightly different path.

Because it allows me to get focused on what I have to read, write or jot down. And it's an e-ink device which allows me to spend less time on backlit screens.

It's on Android so it can run apps. At the moment the only one available is Kindle, and it's the reason I discovered it, because I was looking for something bigger than the Paperwhite to read on.

However, I'm not sure the Evernote Android app as it is would work on it. The e-ink screen might require less animations and a slightly different UI.

I strongly suggest you contact them and see if you can twitch Evernote to be perfectly compatible on the Supernote and make it the best productivity device ever.

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E-ink tablets are short of resources. They are optimized for long periods without recharging. Punny little CPUs, little memory, in total no performance architecture. EN on the other hand is running inside of a framework - practically a design like an app inside of a virtual machine.

These two concepts are on opposite ends of a longevity vs. performance scale.

In a few words: Nice idea - forget it.

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EN has developed an app that works more or less independent from the platform used - if the platform is potent enough to run the underlying framework, that is.

You can ask for everything, but the idea that EN will develop and maintain another app just to let people with low powered hardware allow to run a stripped down version of the app is completely out of the development path we (as other users) can see. In my opinion you need another solution for your use case than to talk EN into such an adventure. They will not move, is my prediction.

However, my opinion. You can ask EN for everything by using the feedback function in the clients.

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