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Strange ios widget behaviour noted

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Yesterday I was at an airport in Greece and a problem emerged that required me to provide various documentation.  No problem, I pulled out my iphone and opened EN through the new IOS widget to get my info but found myself unable to do any searches of my my notes.  At first I thought this had something to do with internet connection but my travel documents had all been put on a local folder before I left.  There was a long line of people behind me as I frantically tried to find the relevant documents but nothing that I did worked.  I kept getting an error message about my notes not being there after I had put in the search parameters.  The issue was that I could see all of my notes in the Notes list but I could not search for specific ones in any way.  Even closing and re-opening the app did not solve the problem.  I then had the inspiration to close the app again but this time to open EN not from the IOS widgets but from the usual icon sitting on my iphone face screen.  Now it worked as expected and I was able to search and retrieve my documents in the usual way.  It was quite a panic and happened at the worst possible time ie: almost missing a flight.  Later on I re-tested and the widget was working normally again.  Overall I like the IOS widgets but it may be important to note that if they malfunction you can bypass them.

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Does not sound like a widget malfunction to me - sounds more like general problem. But hard to tell from the description.

If it is not too long ago (no idea how long the activity log is kept), you could contact support and have them check the activity log file. Use the very device with the problem to create the support ticket - the activity log from that device will be attached automatically.

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