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Curious if there Is a way to wrap pasted text other that manually? I've tried all the pasting / formatting options and can't get it to work. In the image below it shows how paragraphs get truncated when viewing in a narrow page view.

EN word wrap.png

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Have you tried in the Note menu to change the note width setting ? It can be toggled between window width and readability.

In the example above, you insert directly as a new paragraph. What happens if you place the cursor behind the last character in the prior paragraph, paste and then place an ENTER in front of the pasted text ?

Your pasted text - when in its own paragraph - will not "inherit" the settings of the paragraph before and after. Only when placed before the (invisible) RETURN character, it will be treated as part of the paragraph, and receive the same format.

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2 hours ago, RsM said:

Curious if there Is a way to wrap pasted text other that manually?

You can put the text in a single cell table and adjust the width of the table/cell to where you want it to wrap like so:


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First, thanks for the quick reply. Good to know how EN "inherit" works. I still got the same results after changing note width to readability and pasting right after the last character in 1. I tried pasting with both paste options. Wondering now if it is a problem with copy and pasting text from a pdf.

EN word wrap 02.png

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On the Mac, when pasting text from a pdf into a numbered list, I get 2 possible results:

With a standard paste, I get the text inserted into the current numbered paragraph.

With a „paste without formatting“ it does the same, but (maybe from hidden characters from the pdf) some new, numbered paragraphs are inserted.

In no case I got the result you have posted.

What you could do to let others dive a little deeper: Share the note, creating a public link and post it in the forum. 

Everybody can then take a look.

When I do, I usually set a reminder to unshare the note after say 10 days. I don’t want too many open shares, so I close them after some time.

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You can‘t make it editable - when posted as an open link, it is read only. But I can copy it to my EN account, by using the „copy to account“ function top right in the screenshot. And that copy is editable.


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On trying I could not reproduce the issue. I took text from several pdfs, from different sources. It inserted with a line break before and after, but it inherited the formatting of the text into which I inserted it.

My conclusion is that the inserted text had some (hidden) HTML formatting embedded, that made it show the way it showed.

If you use text from different sources, does it reproduce the issue, or did it only happen with THAT pdf as a source ?

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