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[REQUEST] Auto-Delete Empty notes




I would really like to see Evernote automatically delete a note if the entire content of the note is empty.

When deleting the entire contents of a note (incl. title) the note still appears as a blank "Untitled" note on Evernote! The same also applies when you accidentally create a new note but do not enter anything in the note. There is no reason for the note to exist as an empty shell. With Evernote you have to manually delete the note.

Apple Notes automatically deletes the entire note on both scenarios and it makes sense.

PLEASE can this basic feature be added as it is a minor but everyday annoyance when using Evernote which causes unneeded clutter.

Thank you for your consideration ☺️

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A note is a container in itself. It has - for example - a creation date, plus other metadata. You can leave it empty, and later add content.

If you want to get rid of an empty note, move it to the trash, and done.

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