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  1. Almost a year since this thread was created and we're still experiencing lag/responsiveness issues.😂 😢 Pretty much sums up the frustrations loyal users have had with EN and why so many have left in favour of much better apps that are out there.
  2. Just wanted to add to the frustrations that EN has still not updated their app for MacOS to support Apple silicon after almost a year since Apple released it. All other apps that I regulsarly use have been updated to support native AS. EN in its current form is consistently a resource-hogging app and most of the time identified as one that is using significant energy just running open in the background. I have much more processor-intensive apps installed that run far more efficiently than EN laying idle in the background. Like many others, we're trying our best to hold onto using EN but it's becoming increasingly frustrating using their slow and clunky platform.
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