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No longer works on Windows 10

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It said new version available, so I said OK to update it.

Can't remember all messages I got, but things like I was offline, then couldn't start so quit or restart.

After spending ages turning pc off and on again, it still wouldn't work.

Then uninstalled it, switched pc off then on again & tried installing a new download, but that still won't work. I get "Sorry, we'rehaving trouble loading evernote" Reload evernote.

Tried everything, won't run on this Windows 10 pc anymore

At least it still works on my mobile.

Just to add, the version I downloaded after deleting the version that packed up, was 10.38.3

The view I get on my pc, Quit or restart just do not fix it, nor does reload


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Subscription, since 2014, have been using it for years and never had a problem. The pc I am using is over a year old so not as if trying to instal it on a new machine.

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OK, the subscription takes the device limit of the free account out of the equation. Probably your local database is damaged.

I think your best option is to uninstall completely. To do this, get an uninstaller app - the Windows own uninstaller won‘t do the job on this. For Windows the Revo Uninstaller gets good feedback in the forum.

Quit EN, run the uninstaller, make sure to select all elements, confirm. Then restart the PC and reinstall fresh from the EN website. Log in, and now wait until the initial install has finished.

There will be a new version EN 10.39 for PC and Mac releasing today (at least it is announced). It has a relevant bug fix, so maybe make sure you get this newest release. Or use 10.38, and make sure to update once the new version is there.

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Thanks for your quick response today.

Followed your instructions and used Revo to uninstall it, then installed the new version & it's all working again.

No idea what went wrong with the original installation, and I always update if there is a new release.

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Sometimes a note gets corrupted in the local database, and blocks everything.

You are now running on a fresh download from the EN server. Depending on the size of your account it will take a few days until full offline availability will be restored. But working while online is no problem - it will pull everything not local from the server.

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