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Scannable - Change default email address

Graham Roberts


I want to setup a default From: address for Scannable as it currently defaults to my @mac.com address.  However,  most people don’t use their @mac.com address as their main work or personal email.  
This makes sending a “hello, nice to meet you message” after scanning a business scan next to useless!
Surely it must be possible to select an app other than Apple Mail, so you can use a working email or even a @gmail.com address.

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Scannable has no settings for this at all.

In EN is only one mail  address available, the one used for your account. You can change it - which changes your login user as well:


Neither Scannable nor EN is designed to be a Mail server. If you need advanced abilities, use a standard Mail setup, and pass the information from EN there.

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This is for anyone still having still this problem with Scannable email using wrong default 'from' address - go to iPhone settings> Mail> (Step 1) Accounts> (check the correct email you wish to use is listed here) add the email you wish to use. (Step 2) go back to 'Mail' and scroll down to the bottom and 'Default Account' - select the correct email you wish to use - Scannable will use this in the 'From'. :)

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