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Attachment viewing preferences




Earlier versions allowed users to set a viewing  default for attachments as "view as attachment". A software update in the past 2 years removed this option and now all attachments appear embedded within notes. This is horrifically cumbersome for notes with many pdf attachments and makes it virtually impossible to scroll thought them. Could you please bring back and option to set a default so that pdfs (or other attachments) appear as attachments?  

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On 5/14/2022 at 3:28 PM, AlexF said:

removed this option and now all attachments appear embedded within notes.

There isn't a preference to set a default viewing option, but you can manually change the embedded pdf to show as an attachment. Once you manually set it to 'Attachment' it remains that way on subsequent viewings of the note. I thought you probably already knew that, but just wanted to make sure as it wasn't totally clear from your description.




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Thanks for your response. 

This approach can be quite cumbersome for long notes with many attachments, especially since the default behaviour is to show the full pdf.

Are there any plans to bring back a default viewing option?

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In fact AFAIK the default depends in the size of the attachment:

Smaller attachments show in single page mode, large attachments show as attachment. To see continuous mode, you need to swap it anyhow.

No idea if and when any change is in the plan. You can send your request on this to EN PM via the feedback function.

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So how do we get a preference to adjust the default. Mine is to have all continuous scrolling PDFs. I know not all will agree, but if we could choose a default, then change from that default note by note that would be best. 

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