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On Android, Google Pixel 5, I have it on sideways orientation, having it sit there to reference some notes periodically.  There is this godawful ugly 'Edit' button that takes up half the screen, RIGHT in the middle, that sits there in the way, the whole time (It literally covers up some of the text).  The background is dark, the text is a soft off-white and there is this obnoxious ridiculous big bright blue edit button, completely destroying the overall appearance of the app when I look over to read.

How come reading mode isn't a reading mode?   You see other types of software that have reading modes, and they simply remove all on screen buttons and the only functions are scrolling and page turning.  There's an unassuming exit button in the corner when you tap instead of swipe.  This is how it's done properly.  Having a big blue swimming pool button in your face without being able to hide it is pretty bad.  I wonder if this button could double as a smart phone flashlight in low level situations.

I can't get rid of it.  So I push the button to go to edit mode just to get rid of it (An extra step that makes life an extra step harder).  Right now it's actually refusing to edit.  It opens the phone's keyboard, then reverses, closing the keyboard and just plops the view back to where it was before.  Edit mode is currently broken in this scenario.  Brutal.  If I want to edit something, I'm sure that I could tap the hamburger settings icon first, then find an available 'Edit' entry.  Think I will live by having to tap twice instead of once.

A couple quick zooms would be nice here too.  Especially for sideways orientation.  Zoom in would increase the font size and just wrap sentences further down.  Right now the double finger pinch zoom acts like a magnifying glass.  As in, it creates horizontal scroll bars instead of wrapping the text down range, so it remains a manageable vertical scroll.  And shortcut zooms are a lot faster than manually setting it each time.

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Thanks for the description of your reading / editing problems. The forum is user2user.

To report a bug, issue a support ticket.

To send an improvement idea to EN PM, use the feedback function build into the clients.

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