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  1. Wait.. there is a way to disable the shortcuts right? I didn't just install an update that is going to force me to delete this app, right after creating a library worth of notes in it, am I?
  2. How can you get rid of just the red line? It's helpful to have a spell check running, but not eternally. With any of the Google apps, you can right click a word and choose the proper spelling, or 'add to dictionary', so it's not flagged as misspelled anymore. Which removes the red line. Evernote has the suggestions in the right click menu. But no add-to-dictionary. No buttons to toggle it on/off. Even Windows 95 office had a 'check spelling' tool that once it was done, removed all the underlines, so you don't have to friggin LOOK AT THEM ANYMORE! Twenty five years ago! These Ever
  3. Hi, I modified an existing template so that it can be a template for writing music lyrics. I want to use it fresh every time I want to write a new song. Problem is, the 'save as template' in the menu is greyed out, on the PC app version. On the website version, there is no template options at all. I don't see any other way of making the note a template, or duplicating the note so I can use it blank every time. ?
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