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Reminder Date: "Today"

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Hi there -- I just started using the newer version of Evernote because I set up a new computer -- I depend greatly on Reminders -- it's my running to-do list of tasks for each day and how I organize my client work.

I am not enjoying the new default view and hoping someone can help me adjust it for LIST VEIW:

1) "Reminder Date" -- it it not helpful for me to see the time in the left hand list -- it's visual clutter -- how can I remove this?


2) "Reminder Date" -- it's no longer saying "today" or "yesterday" or "tomorrow" -- I find this MUCH more helpful than seeing a long list of dates -- I rarely know what today's date is and it's much easier for me to quickly see what I have to do today under "today" -- again -- a bunch of dates is VISUAL clutter for me -- "today" pulls it out quickly... Can I change this somewhere in the settings?




Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.45.26 PM.png

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22 hours ago, wilderbydesign said:

Can I change this somewhere in the settings?

No, but strangely the snippet view still shows reminders as "today" - I'm not sure about yesterday or tomorrow.

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