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Google calendar not syncing all calendars when account has multiple

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My personal google account has a number of different calendars (errands, projects, etc) in addition to the "main" one. I set up sync and I'm only getting that main calendar (which has very few entries). Is there a way to set Evernote up to sync with the other calendars in my personal account, or is calendar sync just useless in my case?


Never mind. I figured it out. Didn't see the setting on the calendar widget to choose calendars (used to other apps where they all show up and you have to deselect them).

Nothing to see here -- move along...

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On 4/2/2022 at 4:09 PM, PinkElephant said:

To sync more than 1 calendar reliably AFAIK you need a Professional subscription.

Reliably? It isn't reliable on Pro either. It's not comforting to see that you need to have Pro in order to get reliable sync'ing.

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If in doubt, contact support. Support access is part of the subscription you pay - use it to sort out technical issues. Attach the activity log, it may show why processes fail.

In general with syncing issues the first aid is always to unsync, log out of both services, quit the apps, log back in and connect the services again. Often the initial sync that will follow sorts out a problem that had blocked the connection before.

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