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  1. I actually like the new design - seems more intuitive now. What I can't abide, though, are the numerous bugs that should have been caught in QA. You can't possibly be testing in-house without using actual iPhones, yet some of the more egregious errors (crashing, iTunes prompt) are still here. Perhaps you should rethink your quality control process, and not bow to pressure to release something that obviously isn't ready.
  2. There really needs to be a mechanism to define a style and apply it to multiple tags without Evernote creating a duplicate style for each tag. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it looks like Evernote creates a new style each time you color a tag - even if other tags already have the exact same style. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the 255 style limit. As it stands, if you have over 255 tags you can't style them all without getting sync errors.
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