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Tasks and Google calendar

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Just to clarify - I watched the video and can successfully add or create a note that goes from Evernote to my connected Google Calendar (tried it and works great).  But - I am not able to go to the list of TASKS I created in Evernote (where I have spent hours building my projects) and have that TASK also go from Evernote to my Google Calendar?  I don't want to use Google for tasks because they are clunky in Google so I was so happy I could have everything I want in Evernote thinking I would be able to send those tasks (like notes) from my Evernote to my conncted Google Calendar?  

I understand the one-way connection - and would think I could connect a task in Google, understanding that I would have to edit, update, or mark it complete in Evernote - which is my desire.  Let me know - thank you so much!

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