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Pinned note

This widget requires a Premium, Personal, Professional, or Teams subscription.

Pin a specific note for quick access. To pin a new note, click or tap the More actions button (three dots), then click or tap Select pinned note.

Alternatively, open a note you want to pin, click or tap the More actions button (three dots), then select Pin to Home.

Note: Professional and Teams customers can add more than one pinned note widget to Home.


Home Overview

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27 minutes ago, nonameandrew said:

are you able to pin notebooks? if so, it could be more intuitive?

No you can't pin notes or notebooks or have links to notebooks in notes. You can create a shortcut to a notebook which makes it easier to access (expecially using the ctrl+<number> shortcut). Alternatively you could introduce a naming convention (e.g start with @ or $) as notebooks are always listed alphabetically. My @inbox notebook always appears at the top of the list.

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