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Duplicate Evernote Notes After Editing on Android

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If I'm updating a note using the Evernote Android app, it will, at random, create a duplicate note where one has the edits and the other (original) note does not. Evernote Web is fine, this usually happens on the latest Evernote app on Android.

Any solutions?

Edit: I don't think I posted this under the right forum category, my bad.

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Thanks for that.

No, in the instances this happens, I do not have Evernote open on any other device. My OnePlus 8T gets 5G, so I have high speeds most of the time (200-500Mbps).

This does not happen often, but it does happen, and I can't find a trigger for it so as to prevent it.

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Hmmn.  The usual suspects are interrupted syncs or multiple accesses,  but I guess if you have a note-taking style that Evernote has a difficulty with - switching between notes a lot or working for long periods on one note - that might generate some issues.  Best I can suggest is - be aware that this sometimes happens,  keep notes short (making a lot of short notes instead of one long one) and close each note as it is completed...  :(

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